Liz Benson – Vocal Instructor

Her strengths are in multiple forms of Rock, Pop, R&B, & Classical, but not limited to those styles alone. Liz is open to any style that best inspires the individual.

Liz is a classically trained vocalist with a performance background in classical, gospel, rock and pop music. Her studies began with piano & violin; however, Liz always had a strong passion for singing and sang in church choirs in her early years. In her mid teens Liz took a further interest in studying voice. Liz has studied music at Metropolitan State College (Denver, CO), Sacramento City College, with multiple orchestras and under various private voice instructors both in and outside of California. Having performed at a variety of places, such as the grand Carnegie Hall in New York as well as local bars and coffee shops, Liz knows what it takes to be a performing artist. When Liz is not working on her own performances with a choir, or bands such as The Rock Doctors, or Illusions Echo, she can be found assisting other up and coming young musicians such as those that participate in the Skip’s Music Stairway to Stardom program.

Liz understands there are unique qualities in every voice and strives to bring out the best qualities in the individual’s voice. With a contemporary curve, Liz designs a custom program for each individual including education about the anatomy of the voice and its care; classical vocal exercises; contemporary song studies; a touch of theory; and other activities to find and enhance the quality of each individual voice… “The vocal cords are muscles; with proper toning and conditioning, their strength can be heard.”