Garrett Fonda – Guitar Instructor

Beginner to Intermediate. Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Theory and Interpretation, and Songwriting.

Garrett has been playing, loving, and living music for over a decade. He started out playing trumpet at the age of 14 and decided guitar was his future. Then, he took private lessons for years and played in many music projects around town. After playing for three years in the Elk Grove Jazz Band, touring all over California and winning many soloist awards, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, he studied harmony, ear training, and improvisation. Afterwards, Garrett graduated with a B.A. in Music/Music Business and until now has spent the last two years of his time teaching privately. He plans to attend C.S.U. in the near future and earn his Masters in Music education and continue his teaching career.

Garrett’s main goal with students is that they have fun and design a program that is suited to their individual desires and needs. The hope is that no matter where you go from here, you will carry the joy of music with you. He heavily encourages creativity, improvisation, and songwriting from the skills learned in lessons.